How should the hotel deal with elevator failures

  • The hotel shall do its best to maintain and manage the elevator facilities. If consumers are trapped in the hotel elevator manufacturer for no reason, the hotel should first confirm the safety of the personnel, and at the same time maintain a dialogue with the trapped personnel, and provide appropriate compensation afterwards.

    First of all, we must deliver drinks and towels to soothe the guests' emotions. In the case of emotional excitement, guests will inevitably lack reason, which is very detrimental to problem handling. Therefore, after moving to the treatment location, the guests should be provided with drinks or tea and towels in time to comfort the guests and calm them down.

    Secondly, carry out investigation, correction and reporting of hidden dangers. The hidden dangers of accidents reported by departments and individuals through various channels should be verified in time according to regulations, and relevant departments should be carefully coordinated and urged to carry out thorough rectification. All departments shall promptly take necessary temporary safety measures for major hidden dangers or hidden dangers that are difficult to solve at the moment, and immediately report to the general manager, who is responsible for coordinating and solving them.

    As the foundation of all services, safety is being valued by more and more people, and elevator safety is the top priority. To be safe in the passenger elevator, start from the heart, and prevent from the action. The eyes must be bright and well protected.