Definition of observation elevator

  • The Observation Elevators can be called a moving artwork on the building. It is beautiful and exquisite. It is a perfect combination of riding comfort and visual beauty. It is not only suitable for large shopping malls, shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants and other occasions, but also can add a touch to office buildings. Bright colors.

    Shanghai Mitsubishi observation elevator gives the building personality and vitality. Whether it is enclosed outdoors or indoors, the panoramic elevator can become the focus of everyone's attention. Passengers can easily enjoy the architectural art style and surrounding scenery. Its dynamic and colorful shape becomes a flowing scenery on the building. The magnificent circular observation elevator is a classic design of indoor opening. The circular car and downward lighting bring the feeling of the future world. There are also various types of observation elevators, such as right-angle, semi-circular, and cut-angle types. No matter what kind of building is matched, it can reflect its unique style.

    The exterior lighting of the car is integrated with the surrounding environment, making the observation elevator a beautiful landscape.

    Among them, the buffer is an important safety component of the observation elevator, which is used for maintenance effect when there is a risk of falling or topping of the observation elevator car. Buffer is a kind of telecommunication equipment. In data transmission, the storage device used to make up for the speed gap of different data processing speed is called buffer.

    The application of the buffer beside the observation elevator is to provide the ultimate elevator safety equipment for safe maintenance. It is installed in the well pit of the observation elevator, directly below the car and counterweight. When the elevator is moving upwards or downwards, due to wire rope cracking, drag friction, insufficient brake braking force, or control system failure, when it exceeds the bottom or top floor of the terminal landing, the buffer will have a buffer effect to prevent the observation elevator car. The carriage or counterweight directly hits the bottom or the top to maintain the safety of passengers and equipment.

    Therefore, the buffer has a very important effect on the safety of the external shaft elevator.