Measures to ensure the safety of villa elevators

  • With the development of society, high-rise buildings gradually increase, and elevators have become indispensable tools. Especially in special places such as bed elevator, elevators have an irreplaceable role.

    But some people’s bad habits in elevators are disgusting: some don’t have the consciousness of respecting the elderly and handicapped, which contrasts with some uncivilized habits on the bus; some knowing that there are people behind, they rise up by themselves after entering the elevator. Empty, let the people behind look at the ladder and sigh. There are some young people who seem to have a lazy man's disease, so they would rather wait ten minutes instead of taking one step. Hospital elevators are different from elevators in office buildings and residential buildings. They are mainly used to provide convenient services for patients with poor legs and special conditions. Life lies in exercise. In order to check and treat emergency cases, young people take a few more steps to care for them.

    Urban civilization is reflected in all aspects, and elevator civilization can reflect the civilization level of a place to a certain extent. Respect for the elderly, look forward to the future, do not make a loud noise or answer the phone loudly, and walk upstairs on the lower floors as much as possible are all civilized behaviors. A good civilization requires everyone to take care of it. Everyone takes a small step in civilization, and a city’s civilization will take a big step because of hospital elevator.