Dangerous actions to avoid when riding a ladder

    1. It is forbidden to press the button repeatedly. When waiting for the passenger elevator, someone often presses the button repeatedly, so pressing the button repeatedly will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, delaying time and possibly causing the button to malfunction. It is forbidden to stay between the hall door and the car door. The door is the most prone to trouble in the elevator. It is the most dangerous action to stay between the hall door and the car door. Some passengers will stay for a short time when entering and leaving the elevator. It is very dangerous to chat with others. Experts suggest that it is best to enter and exit the elevator quickly. Fast in and out.
    2. It is forbidden to lean on the door. Many people like to rest on the door while waiting for the elevator. If the car is not on the floor when the elevator is opened, it is easy to fall into the hoistway or get stuck by the car and hoistway. It is forbidden to stop the door from closing with hands, feet, sticks and other objects. When the elevator doors are closing, passengers outside will prevent them from closing with their hands, feet, sticks and other objects. Experts suggest that it is better to wait for the next time or ask passengers inside the elevator to press the door open button. People in the elevator should not stretch out their hands and feet, probe their heads, and should not put their belongings in the gap to prevent the elevator doors from closing.
    3. Bring dripping rain gear into the elevator on rainy days. This will not only wet the floor, but also cause a short circuit when water enters the hoistway along the gap. It is forbidden to rush in as long as you see the elevator door open. If you did not press the elevator button and the landing door is wide open, you must close your steps to see clearly whether the car is in front or the abyss.
    4. It is forbidden to reach into the gap with your hands or tools to take out the things in the gap of the elevator. Sometimes coins, necklaces and other objects fall into the gap between the elevator door and the hoistway during the elevator parking process. You should immediately inform the elevator professional to assist in handling. Do not reach into the gap with your hands or tools. It is forbidden to bounce around in the running car and press buttons randomly. This kind of behavior usually happens to children. Sometimes they will take the elevator to play. When going up, press the button for each floor, and when going down, press the button for each floor.
    5. Weight overload is prohibited. Generally elevators have load restrictions, most of which are limited to 13 people. When the elevator is crowded with people, it is very dangerous when it is overloaded. It is forbidden to open the elevator by hand. When the running elevator suddenly stopped, many people forced their hands to open the Passenger Elevator Factory door or tried to climb out of the safety window because of panic.