Elevator design specification

  • China has put on new residential design codes stipulate that for residential buildings with twelve floors and above, no less than two elevators should be installed in each building, and one bed elevator should be installed.

    Before installing the elevator, special attention should be paid to important civil construction dimensions. Generally speaking, elevator bidding is after the main construction drawing design. When designing the building, the builder seldom takes care to finalize the brand and model of the elevator. Therefore, the design institute will first design the elevator shaft, machine room, etc. according to a certain brand and model that meets the requirements, and make appropriate adjustments according to actual needs when the construction party enters the equipment bidding stage.

    However, it is inevitable to encounter delays in elevator bidding. The solution at this time is to consult the elevator brand manufacturers with the intention to cooperate, and review the original design of the important elevator-related civil dimensions to meet future installation requirements.

    Before installing the elevator, the agreement pays attention to the depth of the pit, the height of the top floor, the height of the machine room, the structure of the hoistway, the net size of the hoistway, the size of the door opening, and the embedded size of the elevator button box.

    Need to pay attention when decorating the elevator

    1. Reserved decorative recesses on the car floor

    Usually set aside 20mm-30mm, according to the characteristics of the floor paving material selection. For example, for some fragile marble types, reserve a deep decorative recess of 30mm; for some hard paving materials, reserve a shallow decorative recess of 20mm.

    1. The reserved decoration weight of the car

    The weight of the decoration should be reserved, and the weight of the floor covering material and the weight of the ceiling material should be considered by elevator lift factory.