Seriously though - the combat. Holy shit. Telos?

  • OSRS is a pathetically behind the occasions game that has a system which enforces the majority get their way - at the cost of everyone else. Obviously they end up having a lot of players, the majority always only pushes for what they want - and they cultivate a harsh community that pushes out by choking their content out viciously, anybody who doesn't fall in line with their interests. RS3, in contrast, takes the enlightened route of RuneScape gold appealing to lots of different gamers with lots of distinct content - rather than allowing people clamor against each other in surveys they say,"Do not worry my children. I'll direct you"

    Playing OSRS means you're needing to involve yourself in politics - rather than simply loving yourself you are making game equilibrium decisions? Uhh? What are the devs even being compensated for when they can not do their job to make choices for Runescape? RS3's combat system has so much depth it makes an OSRS player's head spin - RS3 is to get a more refined crowd that may take the opportunity to learn about an assortment of abilities and master them all to maximize their art in battle. OSRS gamers will need to be spoonfed their DPS by equipping different gear sometimes and"flicking" prayers instead of simply coming up with sensible solutions to giving players near-infinite prayer but for a reasonable cost (lucky flask). Like, oh the meta on OSRS is to have RSI to save a little cash? So cool.

    Seriously though - the combat. Holy shit. Telos? That is some chef's kiss material there. The most complexity OSRS has is. Quaint. It is the poster child for easy systems severely stifling stuff - they're definitely at their limit and have been a long time ago, but they simply keep spinning their wheels making fresh PVM content. My god, and the PVP. I really like PVP at RS3, and that I learn things constantly. Additionally, with Runescape not being afraid to actually alter in meaningful ways RS3's battle and PVP are constantly evolving - you need to be not only skilled but good at adapting, growing, learning, in RS3.

    Itself stifles again and again - that the community has voted down skills today? What? 2? 3? Maybe 4? I will barely their polls because it hurts to watch. Divination, invention, archaeology, and also three abilities expanded from farming, herblore, and slayer to Best OSRS Gold site 120. All to OSRS's zero abilities that are new. OSRS would get boring the way by maintaining EXP rates low, it lengthens abilities isn't adorable in 2020. Like, good, we get it - you're a match for those who are addicted. You could at least pretend you're not. And they act as they don't have MTX? Bonds allow you to expedite your instruction much it's not even amusing. It is just buying BXP with steps essentially.