The role of magnetic tools

  • With the development of the Industrial Magnets, more and more magnetic tools appear. For example, the parts bowl can hold many screw heads, the magnetic tool house can absorb the wrench, the magnetic picker with a light can pick up the parts falling in the dark corner, and the magnetic cart It can quickly absorb iron filings in the production workshop and so on. Products with so many benefits will inevitably have some reformed developments for this type of work, so magnetic tools will gradually become more and more popular.

    The automatic iron picker is a kind of magnetic tool. It is a combination of powerful and high-strength magnets and other accessories. It is a picking tool, outsourcing stainless steel, and built-in automatic spring. When the pull-down lever is placed, the magnet is close to the bottom The magnet is magnetized on the disk, and the small components that can attract the magnet are attracted to the disk surface. When the pull rod is upward, the magnet will move away from the magnet and the metal components will fall off automatically. It can automatically fall off the absorbed iron slag and is easy to use. It is suitable for searching and picking up iron objects and cleaning up iron slag on the ground.

    The product has a variety of styles. The first is an automatic iron picker without rollers, which is suitable for fixed areas or small areas; the second is an automatic iron picker with rollers, which is suitable for use in large factories and workshops. ,save time and energy. The third type is the super-strong automatic iron removal iron picker, which is suitable for large mines and construction sites with Countersunk Magnet.