What are the uses of magnets?

  • Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of magnetic products and magnetic equipment, specializing in the production of high-quality NdFeB magnets, magnetic badges and other magnetic equipment, as well as custom pot magnet. The following introduces an application of industrial magnets.

    Magnets are divided into permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets. Natural permanent magnets are also called natural magnets. Permanent magnets can also be manufactured artificially (the magnets are neodymium magnets). It is not that permanent magnets are only magnetic under certain conditions. They are usually produced in the form of electromagnets, which use electric current to strengthen their magnetic field.

    There are two kinds of things that can be called magnets, which can be roughly called magnets and electromagnets.

    One is natural or man-made, always attracting iron, and the other is artificial, which generates magnetism by energizing the iron core.

    1. Magnetite is always magnetic and can be used to sense other magnetic fields, such as compasses. The advantage of this kind of thing is that it is always effective and does not need to consume anything.

    2. Electromagnets are only magnetic when they are energized. Although it consumes electricity, we can also control when to make it magnetic. For example, using electromagnetics as a weightlifter, while electricity consumption can also be used as a signal for measurement, such as mine sweeping.

    Large magnets have a wide range of uses. Electromagnets are used to make cranes for transporting steel. It becomes a magnet with strong magnetism after power on, so it can attract heavy steel. Just cut off the power when putting down the steel.

    Comparing small magnets with large magnets, the compass is small and light, and its magnetism is much weaker. The function of the compass is not to attract iron, but to reflect the magnetic force of the earth.

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