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The Strength of Permanent Magnets

  • As for the type of material, permanent magnets made of hard ferromagnetic materials are permanent magnets that retain their magnetic properties until demagnetized after being magnetized. This is the opposite phenomenon when a magnetic field is applied.

    In fact, there are differences between neodymium magnets and samarium magnets, but neodymium magnets are the most powerful magnets in the world. Regarding the manufacturing process, they include sintering, melting, bonding (compression, injection, extrusion and rolling) and hot-pressed magnets.

    On the other hand, permanent magnets are made of natural materials such as magnetite the most magnetic natural mineral. The earth itself is a large permanent magnet, although its magnetic field is very weak relative to its size. Since the compass was invented in ancient China, humans have been using the earth's magnetic field for navigation.

    Each permanent magnet generates a magnetic field like other magnets, and the magnetic field circulates around the magnet in different ways. The size of the magnetic field is related to the size and strength of the magnet. The easiest way to view the magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet is to spread iron filings around a bar magnet, which is quickly oriented along the lines of magnetic force.

    Every permanent magnet has two magnetic poles, called the north pole and the south pole, although they can be called A and B. Similar magnetic poles repel each other, while opposite magnetic poles attract each other. It takes a lot of effort to keep the repelling poles of the magnet together, and the magnetic poles that remove the attractive force are needed. The strongest magnets are attracted with such a strong force that they may cause injury due to the skin sandwiched between them.

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