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Composition of Pot Magnet


    As we all know, a pot magnet is a magnet system in which powerful NdFeB magnets are embedded in durable steel cups or grooves. Also called cup magnet or fixed magnet.

    Compared with a single neodymium sink magnet, the pot magnet has more advantages:

    1. Smaller size and higher magnetic field strength: The steel casing concentrates the magnetic force on one side and significantly improves the retention force.

    2. Cost saving: Due to the super magnetic force, the use of rare earth magnets can be reduced and the cost of magnets can be reduced.

    3. Durability: Neodymium magnets are very fragile, steel or rubber covering can protect them.

    4. Installation options: Pot magnets can be applied to many accessories, so they can use different installation options.

    It is a popular household and industrial magnetic assembly that can be used in hanging and wall-mounted applications.

    1. Find the missing object

    2. Hanging items

    3. Installation strip

    4. Hobbies and leisure

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