What factors about the choice of industrial aluminum profiles

    1. Hardness

    When purchasing industrial Aluminum die casting, pay great attention to their hardness. The hardness is preferably directly related to the organic chemical composition of the aluminum alloy.

    1. Strength

    Strength is a key element that must be considered when designing a product. When it is made of aluminum alloy profile parts as components, appropriate industrial aluminum profiles should be selected according to the working pressure undertaken. Pure aluminum has the least strength, while the heat-treated process aluminum alloy has the greatest strength.

    1. Corrosion resistance

    Corrosion resistance includes chemical corrosion and intergranular corrosion resistance. The standard of corrosion resistance should be determined according to its application place. High-strength aluminum alloys are corroded in natural environments and must be used with various corrosion-resistant polymer materials.

    1. Process performance

    Production processing performance includes forming performance and drilling performance. Since the formability is related to the situation, after selecting the aluminum alloy grades, it is necessary to consider the strength category of various situations. Generally, high-strength industrial aluminum profiles are not easy to form. The heat treatment process has the worst formability of raw materials. The drillability of aluminum alloy profiles is weak, and the drillability is the best for abrasive tools and mechanical parts. On the contrary, the drillability of low strength is weaker. For products that must be drilled for production and processing, such as abrasive tools and mechanical parts, The drillability of aluminum alloy profiles is a key consideration.

    1. Weldability

    There is no problem with the weldability of most aluminum alloy profiles

    1. Decorative design performance

    When industrial aluminum profiles are used in decorative design or some special places, their surface must be processed by anodizing, spraying and other production processes to obtain the relative color and surface structure. At this time, the decorative art should be considered, generally and In other words, raw materials with good corrosion resistance have excellent anodizing performance, metal surface treatment performance, and spraying performance of Die casting supplier.