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China Auto Parts Factory Introduces The Cleaning Strategy Of Ca

  • There is a wide range of weight and size of cast aluminum parts. The lighter one weighs only a few grams, the heavier one is 400 tons, the thinner wall thickness is only 0.5 mm, the thicker one is more than 1 meter, and the length ranges from a few millimeters to more than ten meters. Can meet the requirements of different industries. Generally, for the appearance quality of aluminum castings, the surface roughness of aluminum castings can be judged by comparing samples, and small cracks on the surface can be inspected by the coloring method and the magnetic powder method. The internal quality of aluminum castings can be inspected and judged by audio, ultrasonic, eddy current, X-ray, and gamma rays. Below,China Auto Parts Factory introduces the cleaning method of cast aluminum parts:

    1. Cleaning the shell of the casting. Generally speaking, cast aluminum parts can be further cleaned after being completely cooled. After casting the aluminum casting into the mold, the cooling time of the casting in the mold is directly related to the material of the aluminum casting and the production conditions of the shape and size of the aluminum casting. Generally speaking, if the aluminum alloy castings are cleaned earlier, the aluminum castings are prone to deformation and cracking. Larger size, more complex castings should have a longer cooling time, while smaller size, thinner walls, and simpler castings can have a shorter cooling time.
    2. Cutting the pouring riser. The main methods of cutting pouring risers are: gas cutting, grinding wheel cutting, sawing machine, hydraulic cutting, anode cutting, etc.

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