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What factors can cause vane pump failure

  • After the vane pump has been used mechanically for a long time, various accidents will occur. The reasons for the failure may be the following.

    First of all, it may be due to the wear of the Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits. At this time, you need to check the pump core components to see where the problem is. Generally, it is the upper and lower oil distribution plate, the rotor, the stator wear, and the blade fracture.

    In addition, the upper and lower oil distribution plates may also wear the rotor.

    1. The oil suction of the vane pump is insufficient
    2. The hydraulic oil of the vane pump is seriously polluted, forming large chemical particles, the filter screen is broken, and foreign matter enters the pump body, causing wear.
    3. The matching gap between the oil distribution plate and the rotor of the vane pump is too small. Due to the inconsistent materials of the pump core components for different purposes, the thermal deformation coefficient of the vane pump is also different. The higher the temperature, the greater the difference. May cause direct friction between components (this phenomenon is reflected in the short time of the first use of the vane pump).
    4. The output shaft between the output shaft of the vane pump and the motor is not concentric or against each other. The vane pump will cause the rotor of the pump core to jump and be eccentric during operation. This situation is reflected in the upper and lower Oil Pumpsdistribution plates. Unilateral wear.