Check the internal factors of the hydraulic vane pumps

  • The inability of the hydraulic Vane Pumps often occurs on the hydraulic vane pump of the rigid device. When the hydraulic vane pump cannot be operated, first check the external reason of the hydraulic vane pump:

    1. Can the mechanism driven by the hydraulic vane pump have too much resistance, whether it is stuck, or can withstand other parts;
    2. Whether the pressure value of the oil inlet of the hydraulic vane pump can be within the regular value, if it is not up to the standard value, the system may leak seriously and the overflow valve may not work well. After removing the external elements, it is necessary to further check the internal reasons of the hydraulic vane pump.
    3. The resistance of the moving parts is too large. Cleaning methods: check and remove the jamming, wedging and other conditions of the moving mechanism; check and improve the contact and smoothness of the moving parts guide rails.
    4. The oil pressure at the oil inlet is too low to reach the specified value. Hitachi series accessories cleaning method: check the leakage conditions of the relevant oil system and clean up the leakage; when there is too much leakage in the hydraulic vane pump, check the piston and piston rod Whether the sealing ring is damaged, aging, loose, etc.; check whether the hydraulic pump and pressure valve are faulty, causing the pressure to not increase.
    5. The oil does not enter the hydraulic vane pump. Cleaning method: Check whether the oil pipes and the oil circuit of the Carter series accessories, especially the hose joints, can be blocked. Check the relevant oil circuit from the cylinder to the pump and remove the blocking phenomenon in turn; overflow valve The valve seat of the valve is dirty, and the sealing of the poppet valve and the valve seat is not good, and leakage occurs, so that the Oil Pumps automatically flows back to the tank;