Why smart meter measurement data is inaccurate

  • Smart electronic energy meter play a very important role in the use of electricity in our lives, because the use of smart meters can ensure the safety of our electricity consumption and also let us know the electricity consumption every month. Therefore, smart meters have become indispensable products in our daily lives.

    The smart meter has functions such as alarm, power prompt, automatic power off, power query, and anti-theft function. The alarm function is that when the power is less than the alarm power, it will automatically prompt an alarm, and the power prompt will automatically trip to prompt the power when the power is insufficient. insufficient. Automatic power-off means that the power will be automatically turned off when the power is zero. You can also check the remaining power by inserting an IC card, and because it is one card, one meter, it can play a good role in preventing power theft.

    However, the accuracy of the measurement data in the smart meter is very important, but in actual operation, the measurement accuracy is out of tolerance, but it is also one of the main faults of the smart meter. The following Dahua everyone introduces the common faults and inspection methods:

    1. When there is voltage and current, the smart meter has no indication. At this time, it is necessary to eliminate it. It may be that the pulse is not turned on, the line is not firmly connected, and the place where there is a false weld, the internal wiring should be checked one by one. .
    2. In the case that the intelligent electric energy indicator is not displayed, and the cause of the fault is still not found, it is necessary to consider whether the electrical components are damaged. If the electrical components are damaged, the voltage and current cannot be supplied normally.
    3. The electrical components cause errors in the measurement indications of the smart meters. Because the resistances in the smart meters are different, they all play their own roles. The aging of the resistance will also affect the measurement data of the smart meters. Voltage and current, other functions are normal, but electricity is not counted. This situation is generally caused by the failure of the CF pin of the metering chip to send the active power pulse single phase meter to the MCU for processing.