What are the commonly used specifications of three phase electr


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    How to choose three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire

    The main difference between three-phase four-wire and three-phase three-wire is the connection method, which is determined by the nature of the user's incoming wires and electricity consumption. If the user is a pure three-phase electrical appliance, such as three-phase transformers, three-phase motors, etc., Using a three-phase three-wire meter, the three-phase three-wire system can only provide 380V power supply. There are only three wires and no neutral wire. When the load is unbalanced, the zero-phase feedback current cannot be passed, and it is easy to burn the electrical appliances. If the user has a single-phase load and a three-phase load (both 220v and 380v), it is necessary to use a three-phase four-wire meter.

    Voltage parameters are very important. There are several voltage specifications for the model of an electric meter. There are high voltage 100V, 57.7V, low voltage 220 and 380V, so after determining the three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire, all we have to do is to change the voltage confirmed.

    Once the voltage specification is determined, the current specification is the current specification. The selection of the current specification is also very important. Generally, 220 and 380V low-voltage specifications can be directly connected if the current requirements are relatively small, such as current 10 (60) A, 20 (80) A, etc., but if you want to add a transformer with a general current specification of 1.5A, and a special 0.3(1.2)A, if your current specification is more special, most of the electric meters need to be customized. The period is generally about one month.

    Three phase electricity meter selection must consider which functions, if only the general metering function, basically DTS can meet the demand, the biggest advantage of this kind of meter is cheap, so if you need to buy a large number of meters, this This kind of meter saves operating costs, and if you need to implement remote meter reading, the meter must have a 485 communication interface. If the meter requires prepaid function, you must choose a prepaid meter, such as the DTZY341 model.

    The commonly used specifications of three phase electricity meter are 1.5A, 5(60)A, 20(80)A, 10(100)A. When choosing an electric meter, on the one hand, it should not be lower than the basic current; on the other hand, it cannot be higher than the maximum rated current. Generally, there are more three phase electricity meters of 1.5A. This kind of electricity meters need to be equipped with transformers. Generally, if the current that needs to be measured is greater than 100A, 1.5A meters are needed.

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