What Is An Electronic Energy Meter

  • Electricity is an essential part of modern life. It can be said that without electricity, the quality of life will be compromised. Neither life nor work can be carried out. Therefore, it is very necessary for users and consumers to understand some basic knowledge. Today I will talk about some relevant information about electronic energy meter .

    The electronic electric energy meter uses a dedicated electric energy meter integrated circuit to process and multiply the sampled voltage and current signals through a real-time sampling of the user's supply voltage and current, and multiply them into a pulse output that is proportional to the electric energy. The meter or digital display Physical equipment is shown.

    The function of the electronic energy meter is particularly powerful and easy to expand. An electronic watt-hour meter is equivalent to several induction watt-hour meters. For example, a fully functional electronic multi-function meter is equivalent to two positive active meters, two positive reactive power meters, two maximum demand meters, and one Only the loss-of-pressure chronograph can realize the functions of time-sharing measurement and automatic data reading that these seven watches cannot. At the same time, the reduction in the number of meters effectively reduces the pressure drop of the secondary circuit and improves the reliability and accuracy of the entire metering device.

    The single phase meter is the same as the electronic band energy meter, its function, accuracy, and stability are very good.