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Warning Prompt For Three Phase Electricity Meter

  • Learning is endless, and knowledge is consolidated and deepened by the combination of continuous practice and theory. Especially those things we encounter in life, theoretical knowledge coupled with our hands-on operations, will deepen the impression a lot. Then let's take a look at some knowledge points in the installation and use of three phase electricity meter .

    During the operation of the meter, the LCD screen displays the remaining power and total power consumption in the meter in turn. If the power purchase + remaining power> hoarding power (10000kWh), the power purchase will not be read, the display will show the "remaining limit" prompt and the power in the card is still valid. When the remaining power in the meter is less than twice the "alarm power", the "alarm indicator" will flash (with an interval of 1 second) to remind the user to purchase electricity. At this time, if the user inserts a card in response, the flashing interval of the "alarm indicator" changes For 2 seconds, the power failure warning can be avoided.

    This is all I have shared today. The kilo watt-hour meter warning reminder is similar to the three-phase electricity meter, so you can take a look and learn together.