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Features of metal office chairs


    Metal office chair refers to a chair made of metal material for convenient work in daily work and social activities.

    The consumption of metal office chairs is mainly concentrated on corporate purchases, government purchases, school purchases and households. But now the proportion of government procurement is not large enough. Corporate purchases are the main force in it.

    Features of office chairs:

    1. Easy to set up: Our office chair is equipped with all hardware and necessary tools. Follow the instructions on the desk and chair to install it. You will find it easy to install. It is estimated that the assembly time of the computer chair is about 10-15 minutes and can support up to 280 pounds.

    2. Extra comfort: It is a good choice to put one of your office chairs in your home or even office, and put a set of computer chairs in your activity room.

    A good metal office chair should meet the following standards. First of all, it must have a height-adjustable device and a flexible 360-degree arbitrary rotation basic function. Then, the depth and width of the seat should be correct, and the front edge of the chair should be kept in a circular arc. At the same time, choose fiber cloth with good air permeability. Finally, it must have a backrest that supports the body and relieves fatigue and tension.

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