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About The Material Properties Of PU Office Chairs

  • PU office chairs are a kind of office chairs that we can often see in offices, so today we will talk about their materials.

    PU material is used as a coating to prepare polyurethane synthetic leather and artificial leather. PU material has the appearance of soft luster, natural, soft hand, and strong leather feeling. It has excellent mechanical properties such as excellent adhesion to the substrate, abrasion resistance, flexural resistance, anti-aging, and mildew resistance. It also has cold resistance. It has the advantages of good performance, breathability, washability, convenient processing, high price, and so on. It is the most ideal substitute for natural leather. It is widely used in clothing, shoemaking, luggage, furniture, sports, and other industries. It can be substituted for any area of leather application, and it can also be used in areas where leather cannot be used. The market of leather is easily affected by the market of animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, etc., mad cow disease).

    The main application areas of PU materials are aircraft, ship, vehicle coating; wood, plastic, rubber, leather surface coating; building coating; anti-corrosion coating, and so on.

    Due to the good performance of PU material, in addition to making office chairs, some wholesalers also use it to make custom gaming chairs , which is also a good material.