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About The Features Of The Ergonomic Gaming Desk

  • When we buy the ergonomic gaming desk , we will be very concerned about the features of the ergonomic gaming desk, so today we will talk about some of the features of the ergonomic gaming desk.

    The standard height of an ergonomic computer desk is between 71cm~73cm because it is suitable for human body structure within this range. For those who often use the computer at home, it is recommended to equip a computer desk and chair to avoid the derivative problems caused by sitting in front of the computer for too long, such as backache and leg cramps.

    Ergonomic computer desks and chairs need to consider ergonomics in all aspects so that ergonomic computer desks and chairs are produced, so it is necessary to ensure that the height of the computer desk can be adjusted, and then the armrest and height of the chair can be adjusted to adapt to The needs of various groups of people.

    To meet the requirements of ergonomics, the keyboard tray of the computer desk should be kept to a clearance of more than 170mm, which is conducive to the activities of the lower limbs of the human body. In addition, the mouse and keyboard should be kept at the same height, and the mouse must have a reasonable area to use. The convenience.

    With the ergonomic gaming desk, it is better to use it together with a set of ergonomic gaming chairs .