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PU coated fabric popular with consumers


    PU coated fabric is a kind of artificial leather fabric, synthesized by a kind of artificial material.

    The application of PU resin is also limited. Among them, PU coated fabrics are widely used products. PU coating is the skin of polyurethane. Now clothing manufacturers widely use this material to produce clothing, commonly known as imitation leather clothing. The quality is also good or bad. Good bags are mostly coated with imported PU.

    PU leather is a second layer of leather with cowhide on the opposite side. A layer of PU resin is coated on the surface, so it is also called film cowhide. The price is relatively cheap and the utilization rate is high. With the change of craftsmanship, it is also made into various grades, such as advanced leather. Because of its unique craftsmanship, stable quality and novel varieties, it is the current high-end leather, and the price and grade are no less than the first-layer leather. PU leather and leather bags have their own characteristics. PU leather bags are beautiful in appearance, easy to handle, and low in price; leather is expensive, troublesome and durable.

    In terms of chemical structure, PU coated fabric is closer to leather fabric. It does not use plasticizers to achieve softness, so it will not become hard and brittle. At the same time, it has the advantages of rich colors and a variety of patterns, and the price is higher than that of leather. The fabric is cheap, so it is popular with consumers.

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