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Performance characteristics of PVC coated fabric

  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an experienced fabric manufacturer, not only a nylon fabric factory, but also various products including oxford fabric, jacquard fabric, Polyester fabric, TC, TR.

    The coated fabric is a fabric processed by a special process. It is to use solvent or water to dissolve the required coating rubber particles (including PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue) into a salivation shape, and then use a certain method (cylinder, scraper, or roller) to evenly Coated on the fabric (with cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates), and then fixed at the temperature in the oven to form a uniform layer of covering rubber on the surface of the fabric, so as to achieve the functions of waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Coated fabrics or fabrics generally have a higher improvement in split yarn. These coated fabrics are used in down jacket fabrics, ski wear fabrics, work protective clothing fabrics, outdoor sportswear fabrics, etc.

    PVC-coated Oxford cloth fabric refers to the application of glue containing PVC in the post-treatment of the Oxford cloth to make the surface smoother and 100% waterproof. Main performance characteristics: waterproof, flame-retardant, mildew-proof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion (referred to as three-proof cloth, five-proof cloth); anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; high-temperature resistance (180 degrees), good heat preservation, good Low-temperature flexibility, high strength, strong tension and other characteristics.

    PVC materials are added with stabilizers, lubricants, antistatic agents, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, anti-impact agents and other additives in actual use. They have non-flammability, aging resistance, high strength, weather resistance and excellent Geometric stability. PVC has a strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids.

    pvc coated fabric include Oxford cloth, polyester taffeta series, etc. They are used in luggage fabrics (trolley cases, backpacks, computer bags, tool bags, etc.), tent fabrics, advertising tent fabrics, carports, advertising aprons, home storage, industrial And other ranges.