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Details of flat embroidery machine


    The advantages of our company's flat embroidery machine: it not only has a wide range of applications, is easy to operate, but also has automatic color change and automatic thread cutting functions.

    There are many details of flat embroidery machines. First of all, it uses 9-pin, 16-pin. The embroidery area is 600*1000mm, and the head distance is 500mm. Second, the main motor of the flat embroidery machine adopts DAHAO 528 computer. Its maximum speed is 850-1000rpm. Moreover, our flat embroidery machines are vacuum packed in wooden boxes.

    Next, we will introduce the difference between hand embroidery and embroidery machine. Hand embroidery generally uses silk thread or cotton thread. Moreover, hand embroidery is very flexible. A work can use multiple stitches, and the thickness of the thread can be changed as needed, or be embellished by adding rice beads, sequins, etc. Machine embroidery uses fiber thread with good toughness

    Embroidery machines also need a fixed site, which cannot be carried out anytime and anywhere.

    The application of flat embroidery is also very wide. Mainly used for flat bottoms, hats and T-shirts, etc. We have a strong R&D team and can provide product development and production according to drawings or customer samples. Welcome to consult: flat embroidery machine.