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Computerized embroidery machine operating procedures


    Computer embroidery machines can basically be divided into two types: lock stitch and chain stitch. The lock stitch is represented by a flat embroidery machine, and the chain stitch is represented by the towel embroidery machine. These two types of products are likely to be in the future. It has become the most basic product on the market, and other special embroideries are derived from these two types of products.

    1. The computerized embroidery machine is a large-scale precision machine. The power supply line must be fixed and secured in accordance with regulations, and it cannot bear the force.

    2. The equipment must be connected to the ground wire. Poor grounding will cause an electric shock to personnel and affect the safe and reliable operation of this equipment.

    3. Do not repair and debug electrical components by non-professionals, which will reduce the safety performance of the equipment, expand the fault and even cause personal injury and property loss.

    4. Do not open the case cover during work. There are high voltages in certain parts of the case, which should avoid accidental injury.

    5. When it is really necessary to open the case cover, first cut off the power and unplug the power plug of the machine from the power socket. Even if the power supply has been cut off, the capacitors in the box still have electrical energy. Therefore, contact with the internal parts is allowed 1 minute after the power supply has been cut off.

    6. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch any moving parts. Otherwise, it may cause personal injury.

    7. It is forbidden for the machine to perform production operations when the protective cover of the moving parts is defective.

    8. It is forbidden for the electrical equipment of computer embroidery machine accessories to work in damp, dust, corrosive gas, flammable and explosive gas places, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

    9. It is forbidden to directly conduct insulation tests on the input and output circuits of the controller. Otherwise, electrical equipment will be damaged directly.

    10. The power switch of this product has an overcurrent protection function. If the overcurrent protection switch is activated, it must be closed again after three minutes.

    11. The disk drive is a precision device. Be aware of the direction when inserting the disk. Do not remove the disk while reading the disk, it will seriously damage the disk and the drive. A quality-guaranteed disk should be used. Using poor-quality disks will seriously damage the disk drive.

    12. The magnetic disk is a product of magnetic material. Please keep it away from magnets, TV sets and other items to avoid damage to the disk and loss of data.

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