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Computerized embroidery machine makes embroidery more vivid

  • Embroidery, as an ancient Chinese handcraft, has a history of thousands of years. Nowadays, embroidery is not only available in China, but there is no doubt that embroidery is still the most beautiful in China.

    It originated from people's need to decorate themselves, embroidering patterns on clothes, and embroidery came into being.

    The emergence of computerized embroidery machines has enabled traditional manual embroidery to achieve high speed and high efficiency, and it has also reached the requirements of multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection that are difficult to achieve by manual embroidery, making the mass production and embroidery of clothing embroidery The quality of the products is guaranteed.

    The emergence of single-head embroidery machines solves the problem that large machines are expensive and are not suitable for ordinary proofing. An ordinary single-head machine can meet the different needs of garment embroidery, flat embroidery and cap embroidery, even suitable for shoes, socks, gloves, etc. It also brings convenience to the increasingly popular personalized customization. A small shop, a single-head machine, you can start the journey of personalized customization, small cost, big return is nothing more than that. With different devices, different functions can be realized.

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