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The quality of embroidery depends on the embroidery machine


    The quality of the machine depends on the brand of the embroidery machine manufacturer, but the service life of the machine depends on the subsequent maintenance. In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, increase the profit in production, and extend the return on investment of the machine, it is imperative to maintain the embroidery machine. When the embroiderer operates the embroidery machine, the following maintenance work should be done.

    From the maintenance characteristics of the embroidery machine, it is divided into three parts (maintenance parts, maintenance period, maintenance precautions):

    The maintenance of the embroidery machine is carried out by the embroidery worker. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for ordinary embroidery machine parts to carefully check the equipment, and the key embroidery machine parts take 10 to 15 minutes to carefully check the equipment. It is necessary to wipe all parts of the machine and add lubricating oil to keep the equipment tidy, tidy, lubricated and safe, which is conducive to the smooth operation of the machine. At present, the main maintenance parts of embroidery machines are: spindle gearbox, thread trimming and hooking structure, thread adjustment structure, color-changing structure, X-axis guide rail drive, Y-axis guide rail drive, thread clamping structure, and embroidery frame structure.

    Maintenance cycle of embroidery machine:

    In fact, many embroidery factory operators don't pay much attention to the maintenance cycle of embroidery machines. Some embroidery machines are maintained once a year or several years. Some embroidery factories even think about maintenance only when the machine fails. "I want the horse to run fast, but I also want the horse not to eat grass." Only by mastering the maintenance time of various parts of the embroidery machine, can the machine operate more smoothly and effectively improve the efficiency of the machine.

    Precautions for maintenance of computerized embroidery machine:

    Cleaning up the dust and debris on the embroidery machine in time is not only to ensure the beauty of the machine, but also to ensure the good working condition of the machine, so that the embroidery machine can achieve exquisite embroidery effects.

    (1) Use a brush to clean the hook, bobbin case, and bobbin of the thread hook structure. Try not to use sharp tools to clean it.

    (2) Clean up debris and thread ends at the thread rod, thread path and felt of the thread adjustment structure

    (3) The rotating wheel of the thread clamping structure, the adjusting thread, the adjusting spring, and the adjusting thread should be cleaned from time to time

    (4) Cleaning scissors, tape measure, tape, embroidery needles, etc. on the worktable and the surface of the embroidery frame.

    (5) Frequently wipe the surface of the computer and the exhaust fan, open the back cover to clean up the dust.

    The power box and drive box also need to wipe the dust frequently to keep it clean.

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