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What are the characteristics of multifunctional embroidery mach


    The multifunctional embroidery machine includes: 10 flat embroidery, 10 double bead embroidery, and 10 double rope embroidery.

    Multifunctional combined embroidery is another new type of machine launched by our company after computer sequin embroidery. It has mixed embroidery functions such as ordinary flat embroidery, flat sequin embroidery, cording embroidery, taping embroidery, and round embroidery. All kinds of embroidery are completed on the same machine to form elegant, fashionable and personalized embroidery patterns. It is a new generation product in the field of embroidery, which is widely used in embroidery of fashion (collar, corsage, lace, dressing, etc.), footwear, wall charts, curtains, bedspreads, accessories, and handicrafts.

    Basic configuration:

    Spindle\M-axis motor: adopt high-horsepower imported servo motor

    Embroidery frame motor: Double-drive stepping motor is adopted.

    Shuttle bed: Zowen rotary shuttle

    Bearing; imported bearing

    Guide rail: linear guide

    Bevel gear: made in Taiwan

    Rack: Qingdao, Shandong, after high temperature finalization test, it is guaranteed not to be deformed.

    Computer System: Dahao Computer System 158


    1. Large-screen LCD liquid crystal display makes the operation more convenient.

    2. The application of three-phase subdivision technology makes the embroidery frame drive more stable and effectively reduces the vibration and noise of the machine.

    3. The use of high-precision precision parts makes the whole machine move faster and have a longer life.

    4. It has the functions of automatic color change, automatic thread trimming, retreat and mending embroidery, and automatic thread breakage detection.

    5. It has the functions of pattern rotation, zoom, delete, copy, repeated embroidery, cycle embroidery, batch embroidery, and pattern editing.

    6. It has all the functions of other computerized embroidery machines.

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