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Types of anti-cut safety gloves

  • Cut-resistant safety gloves are a kind of metal gloves. Steel wire gloves are made of countless small rings. Its function is to protect the hands from being cut during the operation of the cutting machine.

    Types of anti-cut safety gloves: one is metal gloves and the other is BLADE X5 TM yarn gloves with high-strength polyethylene and glass fiber materials as the yarn core and new fiber as the outer layer of the yarn. The third is the cut-resistant gloves whose material is mainly Kevlar.

    Qualified anti-cut safety gloves should have the following characteristics:1. High-quality stainless steel material and nylon belt.2. It has excellent anti-wear, anti-cut and anti-poking protection, comfortable to wear and easy to clean.3. A single glove can be used interchangeably by adjusting the strap.4. Safe, sanitary and easy to clean.5. The protection level reaches level 5.

    Cut-resistant safety gloves are widely used in garment processing, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, emergency rescue and fire fighting industries.

    Precautions for wearing Cut-resistant safety gloves: 1. Do not use anti-cut gloves when repairing thorny flowers. 2. In order to protect the safety of the user's hands, if the cut-resistant gloves are used for a long time and there is a gap of more than 1 square centimeter in the gloves, the gloves should be repaired or replaced in time.