Current status of safety glove factory

  • Ningbo Guguan Safety Glove Factory was established on October 11, 2019. Its registered place is located at No. 218, Yong'an West Road, Industrial Park, Kandun Street, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. The legal representative is Lv Chunyang.

    Its business scope includes the sale of safety protection products, security equipment, textiles, instruments and meters; self-support and agent import and export of goods and technologies, except for goods and technologies that are restricted or prohibited by the state.

    The status quo of the safety glove factory: With the continuous attention of the people to health issues, the gradual standardization and improvement of the primary health care system, and the continuous guidance of related policies, the development space of the domestic disposable health protective glove industry will also become greater.

    As people’s living standards continue to improve and self-protection awareness continues to increase, the country has issued more relevant laws and regulations, stipulating that more and more areas must be used for gloves, which has opened up a wider range for the rapid popularization of disposable health protection gloves. Market. In addition, with the continuous advancement of industry technology, various modified disposable health protective gloves have emerged to meet the needs of more fields.

    Industry needs of the safety glove factory: The upstream of the disposable health protection glove industry is mainly manufacturers of nitrile latex, PVC paste resin, plasticizers, viscosity reducers and various auxiliary materials, all of which belong to the basic chemical industry. The market supply of various raw materials is sufficient, but their prices are affected by macroeconomic, oil and other market environmental factors, which have certain fluctuations, which affect the production cost of disposable health protective gloves.