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The benefits of wearing gloves during the processing of ingredi


    Do you usually have cut-resistant safety gloves when you are in the kitchen? Gloves can not only protect your hands from harm but also guarantee the health and safety of food processing.

    When cutting vegetables, wearing gloves can better protect the safety of kitchen personnel, prevent cutters from taking injuries, prevent any shrimp, lobster seafood stamp. Wearing a glove to ensure that the food is not slipping, but also guarantees clean food.

    When cooking, if the color of the meat is similar to the skin, if the hand skin falls off and accidentally fell into the ingredients, it may cause the customer to eat, or even food poisoning.

    When the end of the vegetables, not only we want to wear gloves, but also wear a mask, such a restaurant will make customers feel clean.

    Second, we may use some corrosive cleaner when doing it every day, and we must wear gloves to protect our hands and prevent cleaner corroding our hands, but please separate the cleaning gloves and video processing gloves. Body injury causes physical damage.

    If you feel like cleaning too much, you can reduce the number of cleaning in the anti-cut glove jacket, and ensure that the glove is cleaned each time you use it.

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