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How to judge the quality of nitrile gloves?


    Nitrile gloves have oil resistance, so they are especially suitable for repair shops, oil fields, factories and other industries, and the market demand is also very large. In the procurement process, how do we judge the quality of a pair of nitrile labor protection gloves?

    To know the quality of a pair of nitrile labor protection gloves, you can first observe the appearance of the gloves. The surface of a good quality glove requires four nos, no yellowing, no black spots, no stains, and no holes.

    Yellowing, black spots and stains can be seen with the naked eye. How do you distinguish a hole in a glove? You can take a pair of nitrile gloves and pour water or inflate into the gloves. Once you find that the gloves are leaking or leaking, it means that the gloves have quality problems. The nitrile labor protection gloves produced by professional manufacturers will not leak after being inflated, and the quality is better than that of balloons.

    The gloves do not contain latex protein, so they will not cause allergic reactions. If you have skin allergies after wearing the gloves, it also indicates that the gloves have serious quality problems. And good quality nitrile gloves should also have good abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, tensile properties and tensile strength, and the service life is also very long.

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