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Analyze the causes of hand injuries at work


    There are two main reasons for hand injuries at work. No hand protection products are used at all or the wrong special function gloves are selected.

    When choosing labor protection gloves, never use one glove for all purposes. To choose the most effective protective gloves, you must first determine all the hazards that you may encounter, while also considering comfort, flexibility and performance, so it is necessary to have the knowledge to choose the most suitable gloves for various situations.

    After choosing gloves, comprehensive hand protection training should be carried out, warning pictures should be posted at factories and construction sites, and the effectiveness of hand protection products should be checked regularly.

    There are many varieties of protective gloves:

    • Universal gloves protect your hands from friction.

    • Special insulated gloves protect your hands from burns.

    • Various oil-resistant, acid-resistant, chemical-resistant gloves to prevent skin corrosion from chemicals, oil stains, and organic solvents.

    • Anti-cut gloves effectively prevent cuts from sharp objects.

    • Anti-collision and anti-smashing gloves can effectively protect your hands from impacts from tools or external forces.

    • Anti-vibration gloves reduce the harm to the human body caused by excessive vibration of tools and equipment.

    • Disposable gloves can be used to isolate blood in medical treatment and isolate bacteria in food processing.

    There is no protective glove that can be used in all jobs, so we should choose the most suitable glove according to the working environment and wear it correctly.

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