Ways Dog Shampoo Can Benefit Your Beloved Dog

  • Washing a dog can be a trying ordeal, particularly if your pet does not like getting wet or being scrubbed with water. Many pet owners have found that dry Pets Dry Shampoo is a beneficial alternative to normal bathing products and practices. If your dog has an aversion to traditional baths, or if he has sensitive skin, a powder or waterless dog shampoo may be a smart investment.

    There are numerous benefits of using a good quality dog shampoo.

    Helps with Germs and ticks

    They are gentle and yet firm. This is so because the germs and the insects that latch onto the dog’s skin and coat are hard to remove so the shampoo needs to be effective yet it should be not so harsh as to damage the dog’s skin.

    There are certain factors to keep in mind when it comes to dog shampoos.

    A good shampoo has this characteristic and is successfully able to eradicate all the unwanted germs and harmful fleas and ticks to give a clean and bright coat.

    Maintains Skin pH

    The dog’s skin is covered with a thin film and the pH of this layer is known as the skin pH of the dog. Typically, the pH of a dog’s skin ranges from 2.2 to 7.5 and is comfortable in this zone.

    However, when shampooed the pH may move out of this range which can cause rashes or redness.

    The dog’s bathing shampoo is designed so that the pH stays in this range and also, cleans the coat without causing any unwanted irritation.

    Help in Maintaining Hygiene

    The use of dog shampoos keeps the dog clean and germ-free. This is essential because dogs are constantly in contact with other people and kids.

    If they are carrying any disease-causing germs these may pass onto the other dogs and people making everybody who was ever in contact sick.

    Shampoos significantly reduce the chances of this happening by keeping the dog’s coat and skin absolutely germ-free. They kill all the germs and effectively immobilize any fleas or ticks thus, overall improving the health of the dog.

    Provide Easy lather for cleaning coat

    The shampoos are designed to lather easily because one does not want to tug and pull at a dog’s coat which can be an uncomfortable experience.

    The coat and skin of a dog are sensitive to touch and bathing is already a very tedious procedure without having the additional hassles of irritating the dog.

    Therefore, dog shampoos lather easily and a small amount can last a long period of time which also turns out to be cost-effective in the long run.

    Promote Healthy Dog Coat

    Shampooing a dog’s coat with improper care or method can sometimes lead to its coat drying out. This is prevented by using good quality shampoo with the proper procedure and technique.

    When this is applied, the coat is not only cleaned thoroughly but is also left moisturized and supple.

    One can immediately notice the difference between a dry and moisturized coat by the visible differences in their brightness and shine. Also, a well-hydrated coat is softer to touch.

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