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Principle of window actuator motor


    The so-called window actuator motor is to drive the window lifter motor through the power supply to move the lifter up and down. The device that drives the window glass to move up and down to achieve the purpose of automatic opening and closing of the window. Let's talk about the window brake motor on the car window.

    A window actuator motor is installed on each window. There is no doubt that the window actuator motor plays a big role in it. It can control the direction of its current through the switch, so as to realize the lifting of the window. In addition, in order to prevent the motor from overloading, one or more thermal circuit switches are installed in the circuit or the motor to control the current.

    When the window glass rises to the limit position or the window glass cannot move freely due to icing, even if the control switch is manipulated, the thermal switch will automatically cut off to prevent the motor from being burned out after being energized for too long.

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