How to buy Alexa controlled blinds


    Alexa controlled blinds can be divided into aluminum, wood and bamboo according to their materials. The system uses a rope winding system to drive the up and down movement of the curtain body and the tilt of the blinds.

    It is durable, novel, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, shading, heat insulation, ventilation, fire resistance, etc. Alexa controlled blinds are suitable for high-end office buildings, living rooms, hotels, villas and other locations, and can be used with spray paint to make them more fresh and elegant.

    Alexa controls the role of blinds:

    1. Protect privacy

    The concave and convex directions of the blades block the outside view, and at the same time of daylighting, the outside sight from top to bottom is blocked. At night, if the convex surface of the blades faces indoors, the shadows will not be reflected outside, so it is clean and safe, and easy to clean.

    2. Warm in winter and cool in summer

    The material with good heat insulation is used to effectively maintain the indoor temperature and achieve the purpose of saving energy.

    Simple free angle adjustment, control the incident light, adjust the angle of the blade to control the incident light, and adjust the blade to the most suitable position.

    3. Block UV

    Effectively block the penetration of ultraviolet rays and protect furniture from fading caused by ultraviolet rays.

    Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has a high-quality Alexa control shutter. The applicable motor matching tables for this system are WSERD24-DA and WSERD24-SA. These products can be found on our official website.

    For details, please contact: Alexa controlled blinds.