Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturer Introduces The Use Characteris

  • Electric curtain is a new product that incorporates modern technological elements. It is completely electrically controlled, convenient and fast. Compared with traditional curtains, it has the advantages of simple and accurate control, and gradually began to be applied in smart buildings, high-end apartments, hotels and villas, etc. field. And how to choose the electric curtain motor. The following is Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturer compiled some knowledge for selecting electric curtain motors for everyone.

    1. The power of the electric curtain motor: the electric window cloth motor must drive the entire window cloth movement, and it needs to provide a suitable power to the window cloth. If the power is too large, it may cause harm to the window cloth and the entire system, and shorten the power window cloth. Service life. If the power of the electric window cloth motor is too small, it will not be able to drive the window cloth movement, which cannot reach the expected goal, which is to ensure that the motor can drive the window cloth under the premise that the motor power is as small as possible. Therefore, when choosing a motor, you need to choose according to the condition of your window cloth: size, weight and other conditions.
    2. Noise of electric curtain motor: Window cloth is used in homes, buildings, and offices. In these environments, you must not expect to add a device that generates a lot of noise. Therefore, the selection of electric window cloth motor requires two considerations. The point is, can it be ensured that the noise generated is weak and the noise level of a good motor.
    3. The performance of the electric curtain motor: the safety of the motor product; whether it generates low heat during operation and can work continuously.
    4. The service life of the electric curtain motor: When using the product, we are most concerned about the service life of the product, and the service life of the electric curtain motor will directly affect the operation of the entire curtain. The long life of the electric curtain motor and the selected material and design The structure is related. Generally, high-quality components and fully sealed lubrication design are selected, which will be more stable and durable.

    Through the above introduction, Motorized Shades Blinds Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.