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High-quality Smart Curtain Motors' Customization Method


    High-quality Smart Curtain Motors are an important part of home decoration. Choosing a suitable set of electric sunshades is an important factor related to the overall effect of home decoration:

    1. Grasp the style, the overall layout of the electric sunshade is the first issue that needs to be considered. The control of the overall style is to make an accurate judgment according to the decoration of the family.

    2. In relation to the environment, different environments must use different curtains, which is an important principle. The size of the house space is a secondary issue that we should consider. For example, when choosing electric sunshade products for villas and ordinary small rooms, they should be treated separately. If your room is too small, we recommend that you use some simple electric sunshades as much as possible, so that you will not feel particularly depressed. If your room has a particularly large space, then we recommend that you use some atmospheric electric sunshades, which will make you feel particularly comfortable.

    3. At the installation position, the electric sunshade curtain can present a uniform plane or wave effect, and the system can be designed as a single or double opening in the direction of movement. What kind of electric sunshade to choose should also fully consider factors such as the shape of the part where you will install the electric sunshade and the direction of opening and closing.