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Motorized Shades Blinds Wholesaler Introduces Curtain Selection

  • The biggest difference between electric curtains and ordinary curtains is that they work by consuming electric energy through motors. According to different classification methods, there are several different types. Regardless of the type of motor, you must choose a good quality motor, because it is related to future use. So, Motorized Shades Blinds Wholesaler introduces the types of electric curtain motors.


    1. According to the curtain type, it can be divided into many kinds

    From the type of electric curtain, there are many types of electric curtain motors, such as tubular motors, opening and closing curtain motors, venetian blind motors, Roman blind motors, etc., all of which are relatively common motor types. Take the tubular motor as an example, it can be divided into two types: DC and AC. The DC type can be built-in lithium battery or external solar panel for power supply. At the same time, it has wireless receiving function and low torque. It is often used for small roller blinds. AC tubular motors are more common in the market, and there are many models, and the lifting curtains are more commonly used. Curtain opening and closing motors are also divided into two types, direct and AC, with many functions. Users can choose according to their own needs when choosing. There is also a built-in wireless header that can realize a variety of control modes. Venetian blind motors are also based on two basic types: DC and AC. They can have different torques according to the size and can be applied to large, medium and small venetian blinds such as wooden venetian blinds and aluminum venetian blinds. Low noise, can realize the function of leaf turning and dimming. This kind of curtain is used at home, and its popularity is still relatively high.


    1. Divided into 4 types according to the power supply mode

    From the power supply mode of electric curtains, electric curtain motors can be divided into 4 types.

    \u2460 AC-powered curtain motor, this kind of motor has relatively large power, high power consumption, noisy noise, no energy saving, and can only be used for straight tracks, generally used in engineering, not many at home;
    \u2461DC-powered curtain motors are relatively small in size, vibration, and noise. They are suitable for use in homes and hotels; the other two are battery-powered and solar-powered curtain motors, which use ordinary battery power and solar power. Battery-powered motors are all energy-saving and environmentally friendly motors.

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    There are many types of electric curtains. It is recommended that users choose according to their actual needs when choosing. Generally, it is necessary to consider the type, weight, volume, performance characteristics and other aspects of the curtain, so that you can buy not only suitable, but also particularly easy to use, electric curtains.


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