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Battery Blinds Motor Suppliers Introduces The Selection Of Rail


    Rails are the key elements of automatic curtains. Without matching rails, automatic curtain motors cannot fully exert themselves. Although the technical requirements of automatic curtain rails are not high, compared with ordinary curtain slides, there are more gear boxes and linkage rail components. Below, Battery Blinds Motor Suppliers introduces the considerations for choosing rails:

    (1) The shape and style of the rail: According to the design plan of the balcony in the home, the rail generally has four common styles of "line shape, U shape, L shape and ladder shape". .

    (2) The opening and closing method of the rail: There are two methods of opening and closing the rail, which are divided into two categories: "middle opening and side opening". "Side opening" is to open and close from one end to the other. Which opening and closing method should be selected depends on the size of the balcony. Generally, it is recommended to use "side opening" for 1-meter-long balconies, and "middle opening" for balconies above 2 meters. , try to pay attention here, after the opening and closing method is determined, the curtain customization needs to be matched and matched afterwards, and there is no need to choose "side opening", which results in the embarrassing situation that the merchant has sent two curtain cloths.

    (3) Assembly standards of rails: There are two methods for the assembly of rails: test installation and wall installation. The actual selection of the type of assembly method lies in the installation standard. Generally, the rails are equipped with corresponding installation components (installation codes); special attention is paid here. It is whether the pre-embedded interior space for rail installation is sufficient. Generally, the total width of single-track installation is about 10 cm, and the total width of double-track is about 20 cm, unless it is a luxury villa with double-track regulations.

    Through the above introduction, Alexa Controlled Blinds Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.