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Alexa Controlled Blinds Factory Introduces The Details Of Visua


    Alexa Controlled Blinds Factory introduces the visual inspection method:

    1. Look is to observe the fault phenomenon of the motor. When observing, you should pay attention to the following aspects: observe whether the capacitor (single-phase motor) leaks, bulges or bursts; whether the mechanical parts are broken, worn, fallen off, dislocated or too large Loose, etc. l Whether the terminals are in good condition, whether there is a lot of dust, whether the connection is correct, whether the connector is disconnected, etc., whether the motor ignites or emits smoke when the power is turned on Elephant etc.

    2. Just use your ears to hear whether there is any abnormal sound when the motor is working. When the motor is running normally, the rolling bearing only has a uniform and continuous slight humming sound, and the sliding bearing has a smaller sound, and there should be no noise. When the rolling bearing is short of oil, it will make an abnormal sound. It may be that the bearing steel ring is broken or the ball has scars, the bearing is mixed with sand, soil and other debris, or the bearing parts are slightly of wear. Serious noises can be heard by ear, and mild sounds can be heard with the help of a large screwdriver against the bearing cover, and the ear close to the wooden handle of the screwdriver. If the maintenance personnel accumulate a certain "listening" experience, they can quickly determine the fault location and improve the maintenance efficiency.

    3. To touch is to touch whether the screws of the motor of the machine are loose, and whether the casing is overheated. When the casing is found to be overheated, the power supply should be cut off to avoid expanding the fault.

    4. Smell is to smell whether the motor is burnt or not with the nose when it is powered on. The burnt smell in the machine is mainly caused by the burning of the terminals or windings of the motor. When you smell an abnormal smell in the machine, you should turn off the power in time to avoid the expansion of the fault.

    Through the above introduction, Radio Tubular Motor Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.