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The Role of Paper Binding Machine

  • The appearance of binding machines heralded a change in the way of binding text information. It also reflects the stacking of human civilization on paper. Pieces of paper loaded with heavy information, through the running-in of the binding machine, may become a masterpiece of the world, or become a rich and colorful epic. The binding machine has successfully become their connection point.

    The binding machine is binding equipment that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples, hot melt glue, nylon tube and other materials by mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic). According to different binding methods and uses, it can be divided into industrial and civilian use. It is often used in printing factories, financial offices of enterprises and institutions, and file management.

    The type of binding machine is selected according to the binding method used, generally including hot melt, voucher, finance, punching, accounting voucher, comb rubber ring, iron ring, binding strip, etc. It is widely used in the binding work of financial vouchers, bills, account pages, reports, archives, periodicals, documents, drawings, test papers, books and papers in banks, securities, insurance, telecommunications, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions.

    A very important point in choosing a binding machine is the binding specification, which refers to the maximum punching width and punching area, that is, the maximum width between the binding pinholes and the area of ​​a pinhole used in a binding process. This index is generally measured in mm, and the punching area is expressed as 3mm*8mm. The binding thickness is the thickness of the documents that can be bound, generally in millimeters (mm), but some products are measured by the number of binding pages (sheets). Generally, the thickness of the binding machine can be between 20mm and 50mm, and there are also special requirements of 70mm or about 400 to 700 pages. For general applications, 20mm products can be selected. If you have special needs, you can choose products with greater binding thickness.

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