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The Scope of application of Laminating Machine

  • The operation of the ready-to-coat Laminating Machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. The operation is higher. The advantage is that the quality of the finished product is reliable. Its fatal disadvantage is that the oily glue will produce gas that affects human health. Technology has been banned in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Water-based glue is more environmentally friendly than oil-based, and its cost is higher than that of oil-based.

    (1) Scope of application:

    It is suitable for laminating (over-filming) of color printing, packaging paper, soft sheets, and soft rubber sheets to make the surface bright, colorful and waterproof.

    (2) Features

    1) The base, wall panels, etc. are constructed of cast iron, which is not deformed, ensuring that the accuracy will not be affected during use and maintenance and replacement of parts.

    2) The gluing roller and the gluing roller are made by precision work. The concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform glue application and save glue consumption.

    3) The heat-laminated steel roller is treated with a precision mirror finish, and the laminated product is excellent.

    4) Electronic automatic thermostat.

    5) Unique design of the hydraulic system, precise and stable.

    6) It is equipped with a roll paper feeding device, which is suitable for the compounding of roll materials.

    7) Water-based and oil-based dual-purpose machines can be customized according to user requirements.

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