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How to Extend the Life of Shredder?

  • How to open the shredder box with the paper shredder: The shredded paper shredded by the shredder will be stored in the shredder box. You only need to find the shredded paper box and discard it. There is usually a small window in the lower part of the floor-standing shredder, which allows us to easily see whether the shredder box is full and needs to be cleaned up. If you need to clean up, please find a handle that can be pulled out on the machine, take out the shredded paper box, and discard the shredded paper.

    Safe use of paper shredders:

    1. The knives in the machine are precise and sharp. Be careful when using them. Do not roll the corners of your clothes, ties, badges, badges, hair, etc. into the paper inlet to avoid accidental damage.

    2. After the shredder bucket is full, please remove it in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine.

    3. Do not put in scraps of cloth, plastic, hard metal, etc.

    4. In order to prolong the life of the machine, the amount of shredded paper each time should be less than the maximum amount of shredded paper specified by the machine. For machines that shred CDs, disks, and credit cards, please do not put them into the machine without authorization.

    5. To clean the casing of the machine, please cut off the power first, and wipe with a soft cloth moistened with detergent or soft soapy water. Do not let the solution enter the machine, and do not use bleach, gasoline or thin liquid to scrub.

    6. Do not let sharp objects touch the shell, so as not to affect the appearance of the machine.

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