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A Countersunk Head Rivet Nut

  • Fasteners play a very important role in the installation of machinery and electrical appliances. Among them, rivet nuts can solve the problem of installing parts on thin plates. Rivet nuts have the functions of both nuts and rivets. The upper can be installed more firmly and firmly, and it is not easy to fall off. Therefore, whether it is a blind rivet nut or a countersunk head rivet nut, it is becoming more and more important in fasteners.

    However, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of installation quality, the requirements for the variety and quality of rivet nuts have also been increasing. Generally, some rivet nuts will have a protruding head after being installed on the board. In the machinery and electrical industries, after a component is installed on the mounting surface, in order to continue the assembly of other components, sometimes The installation surface will be required to form a complete plane, otherwise the raised points formed on the board during the previous installation will affect the flat placement of other components on the installation board, and also affect the firmness of the installation. Continue to assemble other parts in the next step. Parts bring difficulties. Therefore, ordinary rivet nuts cannot meet the special requirements of flat installation surface put forward by some customers, and certainly do not meet the requirements of beautiful installation surface.

    A new countersunk head rivet nut with threads in the round hole. Its characteristic is that the outer edge of the head of the rivet nut is a 45-degree bevel. The inner edge of the mounting hole should also be a 45-degree bevel during installation. After the nut enters the assembly hole, it completely sinks into the hole, and the head plane and the mounting plate plane form a complete plane, which will not affect the installation of other parts and meet the requirements of a flat and beautiful installation surface.