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Specification Of Half Hex Rivet Nut

  • A hex rivet nut is a novel and practical sheet metal fastener product. A hex rivet nut is one of the more commonly used rivet nuts. The head types include countersunk head hex rivet nut, round head hex rivet nut, flat head hex rivet nut, small countersunk head hex rivet nut, etc. A hex rivet nut is divided into full hex rivet nut, half hex rivet nut , internal and external hex rivet nut.

    A half hex rivet nut, as the name implies, is that half of the rivet nut's cylinder is a hexagonal cylinder and half is a cylinder, while the full hexagon is that the gods are all hexagonal. There are many kinds, but you need to choose according to the occasion of use.

    At present, the specifications of hex rivet nut are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12. It is recommended to use M6 and M8 rivet nuts. Small thread rivet nuts can be directly tapped on the plate and used for large threads. The weight of the bolt is increased, the riveting force of the rivet nut is limited, and the matching is not reasonable enough. Rivet nuts are widely used on aluminum alloy substrates with different thicknesses and steel plates with a thickness of 1-2.5mm. The connection of steel rivet nuts in aluminum alloy components eliminates the cumbersome and manufacturability of embedding steel plates inside. Significant improvement.