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Understand The Advantages Of Half Hex Rivet Nut

  • The hex rivet nut is a novel and practical sheet metal fastener product, and the half hex rivet nut , as the name implies, is that half of the rivet nut has a hexagonal column and half a cylinder.

    The deformation of a rivet nut is similar to the bulging deformation process of a cylindrical member or a tube material, and the bulging coefficient is generally used to indicate the degree of bulging deformation. Half hex rivet nut can provide fast, reliable, low-cost connection, strong bearing capacity, installation, and connection does not damage the working surface, plating, and is not easy to deform; it has strong anti-corrosion, strong torsion resistance, anti-rotation, high connection strength, and many options, The riveting range is wide and other functions; the product is flexible in application, beautiful and stable, and the specifications are serialized; the performance is better than welding nuts, self-tapping nuts, traditional nuts, and bolts; single-sided riveting is the riveting of middle hole frames, shells, pipes, The profile may need to be an excellent solution for closed assembly; to ensure that the internal thread after installation is fastened and durable; it can be used with bolts; at the same time, it has the function of rivets, which can rive loose thin plates together.

    Of course, hex rivet nut also has these advantages.