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Introduce The Maintenance Of The Half Hex Rivet Nut Tool

  • There are still many half hex rivet nut around us, but if you don’t use tools, you can install them manually by yourself, which is also a difficult task. Therefore, when installing half hex rivet nuts, we usually use a blind rivet nut gun. However, the rivet nut gun requires maintenance.

    The inlet pressure at the tool entrance is generally 90 PSIG (6.2Kg/cm^2), too high or too low will damage the performance and life of the tool. The air intake must contain sufficient lubricating oil so that the pneumatic motor in the tool can be fully lubricated (a piece of white paper can be placed on the exhaust of the tool to check whether there are oil stains. Normally, there are oil stains). The intake air must be free of moisture. If the compressed air does not have an air dryer, it is not appropriate. Do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the rivet nut gun and then operate it. In addition to affecting the safety of the operator, it will also cause the tool to be damaged. If the tool is slightly faulty or cannot achieve the original function after use, it cannot be used anymore and should be checked immediately.

    The above is some inspection and maintenance of the rivet nut gun. Of course, the hex rivet nut also needs to use the rivet nut gun.