An essential cover chain for children's balance bikes

  • Kids balance bike for sale refers to bicycles that are suitable for children aged 4-8 to ride, with a maximum saddle height of 435mm~635mm, and ride on the driving mechanism acting on the rear wheel. There are various wheel diameters and styles with or without balance wheels. Children's bicycles cannot be used for road riding.

    If the size is too large, the child will not be able to hold the handbrake tightly when braking, and will not be able to stop the car. Therefore, it is best to take your children to try it out. In addition, the braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not stop, causing harm to children. Children's bicycles are also equipped with protective wheels (balance wheels), which can keep the rider in balance, so pay attention to whether they are equipped (one on each side) when purchasing. It is necessary to consider this. In 1980, there were children's bicycles wearing auxiliary wheels behind two wheels. At that time, it was not common to have children's bicycles.

    The chain cover of children’s bicycles is indispensable. Children’s bicycles with a saddle height equal to or greater than 560mm should be equipped with a chain cover or other protective device to cover the outer surface of the chain and the meshing part of the sprocket. When meshing on the sprocket, the chain cover should extend beyond the outer side of the chain in the diameter direction. If the chain cover is not used but other protective devices are used, the covering range should be extended to the point where the sprocket initially enters the two sides of the chain. Measure along the chain to at least 25mm.

    Kids balance bike for sale’s saddle height is less than 560mm for children’s bicycles, which should be equipped with a chain cover, which must cover the outer surface and edges of the chain, sprocket and flywheel, as well as the sprocket, chain and chain The inner surface of the wheel mesh to prevent children from getting hurt by reaching into it. Because children's bicycles are not used for riding on the road, they must be used under the supervision of an adult when they are used.