The origin of children's balance bike

  • The kids balance bike for sale is mainly designed for young children to exercise their balance ability. The baby needs to keep pedaling on the ground to provide sliding motion. It is suitable for 2-5 years old baby's means of transportation, exercise and entertainment, so that it can better enjoy sports There are two types of materials: metal (steel, aluminum alloy) + wood, and metal vehicles have higher safety, operability, stability, and durability, and are more expensive.

    Entering the 21st century, German parents who love bicycles for exercise began to be confused about how to let their children quickly master balance and learn to bike, so that the whole family can ride the earth and enjoy the beautiful scenery together on weekends. At this time, the Germans first thought of the great invention Laufmaschine balance bike of their ancestors!

    The balance bike mainly exercises the baby's balance ability. It is the baby's first scooter. The beginner will appear very unstable just after stepping on the balance bike, but this is a normal phenomenon, because the baby's balance is weak, so it cannot be very good. Control the balance of the body. The baby needs to touch the ground with both feet and slide the legs forward together to exercise the baby's leg muscles to develop in balance.

    Kids balance bike for sale can exercise your baby's self-confidence ability while exercising balance. The more you dare to contact the outside world, the more helpful your baby's independent ability will be. The balance bike is more like a child’s extreme sport. The baby rides freely and can take full control of the bike with confidence and ease. Therefore, the balance bike will make babies feel safer, easier to drive, and safer; more importantly, let them enjoy the sense of accomplishment of riding and prefer outdoor sports.